unique Bali
The Idea
Bali is pretty unique. A place of strong traditions. Turning into a vibrant haven full of new ideas and impulses, attracting amazing people with a lot to offer.
Its atmosphere always intrigued me. So I left my naturopathic clinic in Germany, following a vision for a perfect healing center with a broad range of therapies, experienced therapists coming together right here on this lively island.
Visions are one thing. Birthing them takes a while. But now, over fifteen years on, others have come to share it and it turned into a fabulous reality, a true place of healing.
Naturopath Peggy Marienfeld, Founder of Balihealing
Consultation room at Bali Healing
The Clinic
Sure, all healing is self-healing. But a good therapist can make it a lot easier. With our broad range of holistic and naturopathic therapies at Balihealing, we can help with most physical and emotional issues. Working on real causes – not just symptoms – we help your self-healing to work its miracles.
Some of our therapies might be familiar to you, like Osteopathy, Chinese Medicine, Homoeopathy, Breathwork, Hypnotherapy or Reiki. Others less so, i.e. Live Blood Analysis, NAET Allergy treatment or our sensible approach to Anti-Aging by natural means. Familiar or not, all are important in our vision for a place of true healing provided by therapists who know what they are doing.

Our way

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BALIHEALING does not specialise in any specific health problem. We specialise in the human being. Nor do we specialise in one specific form of treatment. We use many approaches, both traditional and contemporary, combining them to help you as much as possible. This way, our treatments often deliver much better results than orthodox medicine. By taking into account the whole person and interrelated physical and emotional problems, we have been able to cure health problems that previously seemed insurmountable. We can deal with many health issues without having to resort to strong drugs. Many of our patients had been led to believe there was no solution for their problems when, in fact, we were able to help them. Obviously, there are limits to what we can do. But usually our methods work amazingly well.

Our team

The members of our team come from different backgrounds and countries, now working together to offer better ways to improve your health.

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Consultations by members of our team usually take place in Canggu. For appointments, please call 081 338 128 563 or 08 113 880 040, send an email to the.balihealing@gmail.com or a WhatsApp message to +6281 338 128 563 or use the Appointment buttons on the corresponding pages, where available.

In addition, Peggy Marienfeld also offers online consultations. For details please go to Online Consultation


As we could not find any organic household cleaning products here in Bali, we developed some for our own needs. When our friends and neighbours liked them too, we started to produce more and more and are now selling them here: www.twinspringsbali.com