Detox Programs

Over the years, your body has accumulated all sorts of “impurities” that can cause all sorts of problems. We recommend a number of naturopathic cleansing approaches:

To get one of your most important detox organs working properly, a liver cleanse aims to expel deposits of cholesterol, bile and other substances from this vital organ.

Kidney Cleanse
The kidneys have the heavy responsibility of removing waste and toxins from the bloodstream. These vital organs work with other organs to regulate blood pressure, increase red blood cell production and synthesize vitamin D. A healthy diet, exercise and staying hydrated are essential to support your kidneys, but a cleanse can support other efforts to improve their efficiency.

Small and Large Intestine Cleanse
The digestive system is of central importance for overall health. Only if the small and large intestine work well can nutrients be absorbed properly and are toxins expelled and not re-absorbed. But these organs are not usually well taken care of and suffer under a lot of abuses, from bad diet and worse eating habits to ingested parasites and fungi, from anti-bacterial medications disrupting the natural gut bacteria to a stressful life disrupting the digestive processes.
The cleanse will strengthen the digestive system, improve its ability to absorb nutrients and get rid of toxins and will re-balance the gut flora.

Connective Tissue Cleanse
When the body can not immediately get rid of some of its metablic by-products – like acids and other toxins – because its detoxifying organs do not work optimally, the connective tissue is a fairly safe place to deposit them for a short while. Ideally, these deposits are emptied regularly, within a few days in times of reduced toxin production.
But when there is a never-ending over-production of substances that need to be stored and not enough time to rid the connective tissue of them, they slowly accumulate over many months and years, affecting the health of the skin and over time can also affect inner organs.
Cleansing the connective tissue can get rid of these deposits, improve the skin and the workings of inner organs dramatically.