Greg Shiva Guru

Greg Shiva Guru
Born at 11.11 at 11 pm . Descendent of 3 kingdoms from 3 Islands in Indonesia base from the old Kingdom of Majapahit. He become spiritual Healer and Teacher through energy and believes guidance by Ancestors, Nature and Inner voice.

Energy healer, Researcher, Entrepreneur and Teacher.Greg has been studied the source of energy from faith, believe and nature. Combined between, spirituality, believe, logic and the power from nature which can be use to heal, fixing neurons, wiring DNA and eliminate parasitic energy with result for better health on our mind, body an soul. This studies has been research and used in practical for the last 20 yrs. He also consider to be the most powerful indigo expert which connect to the Nature.


  • Using energy from nature to clean body from blockage of neurons which flow through human body.
  • Rejuvenate the inner body and face by cleaning the blood circulation by using energy flow similar with Reiki practice.
  • Boosting the immune system a person body against any pathogen and virus.
  • Holistic psychology by understanding the person past experiences and finding their own purpose in life and help them to achieve their spiritual and path in life
  • Re align Dna of a person and help to heal and prevent Covid 19symptoms, cancer, heart disease, bacteria infection, etc