Marie Thorand

Marie Thorand  
Board certified Hypnotherapist
Bachelor of Arts, Berlin 2012
Reiki Healer
Yoga Teacher (Yin and Vinyasa)

With the tool of Hypnosis and by accessing your subconscious, I can help you overcome emotional, mental, chronic and behavioral challenges and tap into your full potential. Rather than working with symptoms and tensions, I will directly address the root-cause of negative patterns and eventually release you from them.

Hypnosis is the most potent way to connect with your feelings and emotions, the ultimate compass in our lives.

After several years of studying and practicing, I developed my own approach, weaving in further techniques such as Reiki, inner child work and breathing techniques in order to achieve the best and quickest results.

We are subconsciously expecting our future to be the mirror of our past, we make decisions based on experience and our perception of our own biography. In Hypnotherapy we will bring light to the root and therefore will shift the foundation our perception is based on, and therefore all the branches will ultimately shift as well.

The essence is laying in everyone and we will connect you back to it by utilizing Hypnosis and connect with the ultimate knowledge within us.

Our body always has our best interest, I will help you to show this missing puzzle piece.