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What is Matrix Readings?

Reading your Matrix, is an information pulse method. It works on matrix level and processes topics holistically, from small optimization measures to complex transformations. It is applicable for every topic, for every situation in self, direct and remote for people, animals, plants, places, objects.

Consciousness techniques are used to work on topics holistically, to process blockages, obstacles and causes quickly and comprehensively to give space to wish fulfilment.

In order to recognize and understand connections, effects, causes, I use both my matrix techniques as well as mediality, sensitivity, meta-senses and a radionic tool.

All of these capabilities add up to a very effective package. These special tools of consciousness help us to approach any subject in a more realistic and neutral way. They offer us all the possibility to bring an actual situation or any desired topic self-determined into a new, freer matrix. Thereby the reality changes and the topic gets a new reality frame. Reality exists through consciousness.

All methods and techniques can be used professionally and privately, for any topic and for any situation in life to activate new possibilities. These methods and techniques work on the information level, without the use of energies. Through observation the theme matrix changes and thereby the reality changes. The actual state reshapes itself through the matrix, with better possibilities.

We believe we know how the world works. What if this reality we know is only one of many? And what if, with the help of an altered consciousness, we could recognize much more and have the possibility to consciously change reality?

If we question reality, then we question our destiny and we free ourselves from a limiting illusion. Who has the courage to break the limits, to change the perspective and to discover something new? If we forget for a moment everything we think we know, then we discover previously invisible worlds and possibilities that exist alongside the visible ones.

If you work with the Matrix on a regular basis nothing will be as it was and that is the chance! You begin to really understand and live and recognise your previously hidden strengths and abilities. Do you want to continue dreaming or really live?

Be who you are and become who you can be because more is possible.


Amazing! At first I couldn’t believe how quickly we dived into the Matrix. It was totally unreal, but at the same time it just felt right. Which topics we worked on was not important at all, it was also not spoken. I felt partly as if I was attracted and controlled by a magnet and I just felt good afterwards. I reach a really almost blissful state, because I am sure that thanks to the work with the matrix, exactly what happens is right for me and so I can also accept the unforeseen. Thank you Sabina, for a new tool for more relaxation and confidence in my life!


I would like to share here my experience with Quantum Matrix and Sabina. Her approach was super professional and she made me feel very comfortable in this situation. I truly believe that this is something that comes into our lives when we have overcome a long road. When we are ready to feel the pain and heal it. I am interested in more sessions as there are always so many things to cleanse and heal. I am grateful that I met her and my life has gotten better. Since then, unexpected things have been happening almost every day. Many beautiful things that impress me. Would definitely like to recommend Sabina and her human approach to you.


I have done 3 Matrix sessions with Sabina so far and I just don’t have the words to describe my feelings…. It was just crazy and totally awesome!!! I was also lucky enough to participate in her first seminar and this experience has really flashed me… Sabina I can only say, you are brilliant and have found your passion….


Working with Sabina has been a fantastic experience. She guides you through the process with ease and the results are great! We worked on many different things and I especially saw a change in my business. The month after our session I had the best income month ever. Thank you Sabina. I will be back again!



Hi, my name is Sabina and I am a Quantum Matrix Practitioner. I used to live in Bali for more than 15 years.

I learned this method 8 years ago and my life changed completely. In my healing space I witness my clients shattering layers and patterns that don’t serve them anymore.

What I do is open the so called Quantum Wave and through it you get connected to source.

Quantum Matrix is no treatment, no energy exchange but transformation. As soon as the wave of transformation is open it all takes its course.

I am simply a tool to connect you to become or get back to who you truly are.

The Matrix is your pure information field you got born with. Through different experiences, education, childhood, upbringing, disruptions manifest in your system and it feels like you are constantly hitting that wall.

By shattering these layers you become your true self again.

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