Breathwork & Nervous System

Breathwork & Nervous System Health

Conscious Breathing is one of the most powerful modalities for creating balance and harmony in all systems of the body. Breathwork is a gateway into the subconscious mind, providing an opportunity for unprocessed emotions to surface and be released.

How we breathe triggers a chain reaction in our bodies which affects every fibre of our being; our breathing pattern affects the nervous system, which impacts our endocrine system, blood chemistry, organ function and in turn compromises our focus, clarity and thought process. To put it simply – Breathing changes the way we think.

Let’s read that again, Breathing changes Thinking With refined inner-clarity, the way we approach decisions shift, allowing us to evolve and upgrade our relationship with the external world.

How we Breathe is how we Live.

Breath is Life

Mattia Taschera offers this treatment at Balihealing.

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